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Growth and Maintenance of Succulent Plants

Plants that are referred to as succulents are characterized by thick and fleshy leaves and stems that are majorly used to preserve water. There are a variety of species of these drought resistant plants. They tend to survive on a limited source of water. For the reason of less water consumption, these plants are very reliable when grown indoors since they do not need too much care and attention that comes from watering them all the time. Some of the plants are the aloevera, cactus, jade plant zebra plant among many others. Though they might be easy to maintain, these plants are hard to grow.

The most common of these succulent plants are the caudiciform. They have thick roots and stems that are used to store and collect water. Growing these succulents with proper care will reward you with beautiful and healthy specimens. First, you need to choose the type of succulent plant that you wish to grow in your house. This is because some of these plants require various conditions like direct sun and others are low light, so depending on where you want to keep the plant it’s necessary to make the right choice according to the plants needs.

Another important aspect is the soil that you chose to use, it is necessary to choose a soil that is good for the growth of your plant. The majority of these plants survive in arid areas, so the best choice of soil would definitely be well-drained. Choose a specialist that works with the growth of these plants to guide you on the proper fertilizers and organic materials to use. Ensure that fertilizers are put in at least once in a cycle.

Get the right container for your plant. Choose containers that have draining holes and that also allow the plant roots to breathe. You can use plastic or coated containers that have been made from clay. Make sure that the container that you are using has draining holes. The plant roots and stems grow very quickly so ensure that the container you are using will allow for this growth to avoid over potting and causing rot to the roots.

The amount of light required by the plant is also a necessary factor. The fact that the plant grows in the desert does not mean that it should be exposed to sunlight. Doing this will only cause harm to the plant because even in the desert some of the plants use the shade of other plants. Some of these plants however do just fine even with exposure to either the early morning sun or sunlight in the afternoon.

When getting a succulent plant ensure When buying new plants make sure you give attention to the sunlight exposure for a specified amount of time, for them to adapt to the new environment at your house. Transition them slowly to their new environment. Ensure to isolate a shade position where your plants can be covered from the direct sunlight. Occasionally you can choose to move them at different angles of sunlight to determine what works best for them.

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