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Kiln Dried Logs are the Best

Many homes depend on fuel, wood or electricity for heat during the winter or any other cold time. Such households are entirely aware of the expense of stocking piles and piles of firewood or logs. If you desire to save on such costs, then starting with a cost-efficient stove or a lined chimney can work wonders; however, that is just the beginning. Later, you are going to notice that there are many other numerous means of making your wood expenses lower and creating more heat in your home. When winter comes, the most essential thing is to maximize the heat that’s coming from your stove or fireplace and making some creative moves would help.

There’s always that temptation of going for cheaper wood – something that you can throw onto your fire and keep it burning. If you have experience trying to keep a flame alive, you are probably aware that the quality of wood counts a lot in the perseverance of your fire and heat quality. A great example is when you buy ten kiln dried logs and thirty-three ordinary logs. You will realize that the less amount of kiln dried logs are going to generate the same amount of heat as the regular logs although they are of a higher amount. This is mostly attributable to the water percentage that each type of log holds. The kiln dried will possess about 25% water content while the other will have at least 60%. With kiln dried logs, you are going to get a hotter and more efficient fire compare to more than a third of ordinary logs. If you do the math, going for kiln dried logs makes more sense.

There are numerous advantages of kiln dried logs that you are going to enjoy. First, they are light weight and this means that you can carry more in one basket and make fewer journeys to your stove. Another great thing about kiln dried logs is that they are bone dry and cleaner. This means that they can easily be stored at home without worrying about messing things up from debris. Since kiln dried logs are more efficient, you are going to use less in the stove. Therefore, you are going to have more control of your stove. You get a cleaner and hotter burn and the stove is less likely to soot up. For those who are burning over an open fire, they have lower chances of being exposed to spitting and sizzling. With kiln dried logs, you have a safer and better chimney, perfect for the home environment.

Something else great about kiln dried logs is the smell that they produce. This wood collection are aesthetically pleasing and create an amazing fire ambiance that people love. So, how much is it going to cost you? Of course, kiln dried logs have a higher price tag than ordinary logs. They are taken through a kiln drying process, and the output is something great that’s worth the high price. If you consider all the positives you get when you are using kiln-dried logs, investing is some makes a lot of sense.

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